Knit Products

EPSILON APPAREL has developed innovative means to increase the capability for making high quality products in the quickest possible time.The MDL has been able to create quality fashion consciousness among the work-force imparting technical know-how.


Woven Products

Sourcing of wide and narrow industrial fabrics. Available in synthetic and non-synthetic variations with 1/8 to 60 in. wide. Offers various styles such as hook and loop compatible, flannel, twill, sheeting, and ash. Features include antimicrobial, fire-retardant, and water-proof finishes. Available with nylon, polyester, cotton, and poly cotton blend material construction. Also offers custom fabrics.


Sweater Products

Epsilon Apparel deals quality production of Sweater with a wakefulness of upcoming fashion looking for the international market and feels it’s buyer’s requirements centered on proficiencies of management team and adequatedecision of the authority.